Blaenau Gwent Food

Published: 20 May 2021

Since April 2020 Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council has donated £200 every month to help support families from Nantyglo & Blaina that are in need. 

Please see below an email from Blaenau Gwent Food Bank with figures that the Town Council has helped during this dreadful pandemic for in the month of March 2021 alone:

For you to be up to date since the beginning of March last month and to date we have fed 58 people in Nantyglo and Blaina comprising 34 adults and 24 children from 28 families. This has placed 522 meals on tables. I do appreciate that there are other community groups and Food shares that families use in the area so possibly our figures maybe the tip of the iceberg. I would appreciate that you get the message out in the area that we are willing to help families who have short-term crisis situations and they can get a Foodbank Code only voucher from the DWP/Job Centre where they send us a food requisition slip or Tai Calon can help. CAB also Blaenau Gwent Benefits section Families First etc and many more agencies that they may be working with. If you feel there is demand, you as a council can act as a Registered Agency to and let me know if that would help. I’m sure you busy enough though. Clients normally are allowed 3 Foodbank parcels in a 6mth rolling period. The idea is to not make them rely on us but to empower them to work on the issues and get them out of their difficulties.
All the very best and thank you so much again.

R. Wayne Evans
Blaenau Gwent Foodbank Management and Media Team
Tel: 07812425130
This Foodbank is a Trussell Trust Franchise and run in partnership with local churches, facilitated and managed by the charity Blaenau Gwent Community Aid No 1191264. Registered in England and Wales