Future Wales Plan

Published: 16 February 2021

Publication of Future Wales

Swansea Waterfront

The national development framework - Future Wales: The National Plan 2040 - will be published on 24 February 2021. It will form part of the development plan and address nationally significant planning issues. From its publication, decision makers will be required to take Future Wales into account in determining planning applications, alongside other approved development plans such as the Local Development Plan. On the day it is published, Future Wales will replace the Wales Spatial Plan.

Further information on Future Wales can be found here. A newsletter will be issued once Future Wales is published which will provide further details, including on how to access the document.

Publication of Planning Policy Wales (PPW) Edition 11


An updated PPW will be published alongside Future Wales. PPW Edition 11 will align national planning policy with Future Wales and it will reflect wider legislative, policy and guidance updates that have taken place since the publication of Edition 10 in December 2018.

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The Planning Directorate is working on the production of Future Wales – the national plan 2040. This is our national development framework, setting the direction for development in Wales to 2040.


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