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Published: 20 January 2021

Dear Friend
January 2021
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FIRSTLY WE WANTED TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT - we couldn't have got through 2020 without people like you.
With nationwide lockdowns and changes to important services in 2020, many patients and their loved ones have felt anxious, isolated and it is fair to say it has taken its toll.
Our wonderful clinical staff have gone above and beyond to keep vital services going for our patients and their loves ones, making changes and adapting and ensuring we are there for them when they need us the most.
Our dedicated team of shop managers and volunteers have done a sterling job in keeping our shops safe and Covid compliant so that we can raise vital funds from the extremely generous stock donations you have provided. We hope that once we are allowed to open again, we can count on you for your support throughout 2021 – your donated items go a long way in not only helping the Hospice provide vital services but also other people within our community that purchase your items.
All of this has only been possible with the tremendous support of our fantastic fundraisers and kind-hearted supporters.
AS WE ENTER 2021 we look to you to continue to rally together to help support our patients who need us now more than ever. By choosing to continue to support us with a challenge, fundraising, participating in one of our Hospice events or campaigns, supporting our shops with donations and sales, you can help make a difference in 2021.
Why not join #TeamHospiceoftheValleys by taking part in your own fundraising event, one of our Hospice events, change a habit, brave a shave or get more active? Click on the Hospice Events and Activities Link for ideas about how you can get involved.
What are you waiting for – together we can do amazing things – even if it is at a distance! Being apart won’t stop us, because a life-limiting illness doesn’t stop for no-one!
The Big Stay Awake - 15th-21st February 2021
Could you give up a night’s sleep to help raise vital funds for the Hospice?
Do you love your sleep, or are you someone who counts sheep most nights before you drift off! Either way would you give it up for just one night to help raise funds for our Hospice at Home Service.
We want to shine a light on the incredible work our Health Care Assistant’s do, supporting patients and their carer’s at home, normally sitting with them overnight to make sure the carer can get some much needed rest and a good nights sleep, secure in the knowledge that their loved one is being well looked after.
The service is generally provided when patients are nearing the end of life, when carers are in crisis, when patients have uncontrolled symptoms or have been rapidly discharged from hospital, therefore it is a fundamental and much relied upon aspect of the Hospice’s service.
Click here to read more about the amazing work of our Hopsice at Home Team as Alison, one of our wonderful Health Care Assistants tells us what it's like.
Be part of the Hospice’s first Big Stay Awake!
For all the information and to sign up please visit our Hospice website
Write a Will Month February 2021
Last year gifts in wills paid for 1,229 hours (33 weeks) of 1 Clinical Nurse Specialist, we currently need 10 Clinical Nurse Specialists and the number of patients needing their support continues to rise especially during these unprecedented times.
By taking advantage of our Write a Will Campaign this February you will not only be saving yourself money on getting your Will written, but you will also be supporting the work of our amazing Clinical Nurse Specialists who work tirelessly within the local community supporting patients and their families in their time of need.
Be a part of our future through a gift in your will.
No-one should have to face a life-limiting illness on their own. But by leaving a Gift in your Will to Hospice of the Valleys it means that the specialist support we provide to our patients, their families and those that matter most to them will continue long into the future.
Anyone can leave a gift in their will, from as little as 1% of your estate or a cash sum, however large or small every penny makes a difference.
Your precious gift can help secure the vital future of our work, so we can continue to be there for future generations. Please remember us in your will and help our work live on.
For further information visit about our Write a Will month and Gift in Will, please visit
Hospice Shops
At this moment in time in line with Welsh Government guidelines on lockdown restrictions, all our Hospice shops remain closed. We are excited to announce the establishment of our online Hospice E-Bay shop and we welcome you to click on the link to browse and shop for some great bargains! We are currently working on the option for a ‘click and collect’ service for our larger items of furniture and will bring this update as soon as this is possible.
We kindly ask and remind supporters that at this time we are not able to accept any of your wonderful stock donations due to shop closures and retail staff being on furlough. Also please do not leave them outside of the shops as the council will collect them as rubbish.
Once our shops reopen we will be most grateful of your donations and would really appreciate you keeping hold of them for us in the meantime, thank you.
TO KEEP UP TO DATE with all the latest and exciting news of the Hospice, please visit, like and share our social media platforms
You are truly helping to make a difference, right here, right now!
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