Feeling Forgotten

Published: 26 November 2020

The Board of Community Health Councils (the Board) has produced this report on behalf of the 7 Community Health Councils (CHCs) in Wales. CHCs are the independent watchdog of the National Health Service (NHS) within Wales. CHCs encourage and support people to have a voice in the design and delivery of NHS services. CHCs work with the NHS, inspection and regulatory bodies. CHCs provide an important link between those who plan and deliver NHS services, those who inspect and regulate it and those who use it. CHCs hear from the public in many different ways. Before the coronavirus pandemic, CHCs regularly visited NHS services to hear from people while they were receiving care and treatment. CHCs also heard from people at local community events, and through community representatives and groups. Since the coronavirus pandemic, CHCs have focused on engaging with people in different ways. This includes surveys, apps, videoconferencing and social media to hear from people directly about their views and experiences of NHS services as well as through community groups. There are 7 CHCs in Wales. Each one represents the “patient and public” voice in a different part of Wales.

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