Aberfan - We will never forget

Published: 21 October 2020

There’s a word we all whisper, on this day every year,
It is whispered by every woman and man,
It is a word held in reverence with sadness and tears,
About a village simply called Aberfan.
In Aberfan and across the whole land,
We’ll stand and bow low our heads,
And think back to those that sad morning,
Who Were still half asleep from their beds.
One hundred and sixteen precious children,
We’re killed upon that fateful day,
At a place they were meant to have been safe,
At a place that they just went to play.
The school yard had been full of their laughter
Until the bell had rung out, it was time,
To file one by one to their classrooms,
They were angels all stood in a line.
They sat at their desks and they listened,
As their teachers called out the role call.
One by one they said “here” to the teacher,
Not knowing the mountain would soon fall.
It began with a low kind of rumble
Which soon changed to a deafening roar
The black slag it moved without warning,
The Children gone within a few minutes or more.
Twenty eight adults died with them,
And the only cries heard on that day,
Were the cries of the children’s own families
Who watched their bodies being taken away.
Men dug with their bare hands Till they bled to their bones
In the hope that just maybe a cry,
Would be heard from beneath the black blanket of coal,
And that not all the children would die .
But all that was heard were the deafening sounds,
Of the slag as it continued to slide,
Till it came to a stop, but it had buried the school,
With all of the children inside.
An entire generation was taken that day,
Brothers and sisters, whole families gone.
Wales still grieves and will always remember,
we’re not just a land of great rugby and song.
We’re a people who will never forget all those lives,
Because in Wales we’re one heart and one mind
So if you come to Wales on that 21st day
It’s with bowed heads and in prayer you will find.
Please remember Aberfan, and the families that day
And at 09:15 please stop and be still,
Tell your children the story that must ne’er be forgot,
Of the children who were buried ‘neath a hill.
If we all take the time just to stand and think back,
To the tragedy that happened that day,
Then the memory of all those poor children
Will live on in our hearts as we pray