Law in Wales - COVID-19

Published: 14 May 2020

All Regulations made by the Welsh Ministers under the 1984 Act, and Directions made under the 2020 Act, have legal force. Emergency Regulations that have been made under the 1984 Act impose obligations on individuals and businesses that must be complied with, and a failure to do so is an offence punishable by a fine. The Regulations contain the requirements and restrictions designed to contain coronavirus. These include the following:

  • requiring people in Wales to stay at home unless they have a reasonable excuse (which includes travelling to work unless home working is not reasonably practicable, exercising and shopping for food)
  • requiring certain businesses and premises (including bars and restaurants, save to the extent that they may provide take away food and drink) in Wales to close.
  • requiring hotels, holiday parks and camping sites to close, subject to certain exceptions (mainly related to preventing homelessness)
  • imposing specific restrictions on places of worship, cemeteries and crematoriums in relation to funerals
  • requiring reasonable measures to be taken to maintain a physical distance of 2 metres while working in Wales
  • requiring local authorities and national park authorities in Wales to close beauty spots and certain other areas of land and footpaths

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5 May 2020

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