Published: 12 April 2024


Statement in respect of unauthorised works near Nantyglo Rugby Club:
All matters relating to planning legislation and enforcement are dealt with by the major authority (Blaenau Gwent CBC), however we, Nantyglo and Blaina Town council as the first tier of Local Government have the opportunity to voice any objections or comments prior to approval or otherwise by Blaenau Gwent Planning committee.
In this matter, as far as we are aware, there has been no application made or permission requested to carry out any ground works or development.
Having viewed the site we have grave concerns about the extent of the ground works undertaken without any approval or apparent professional consideration to water courses, underground coal workings, land stability, ground slip and the encroachment, endangerment and impact of the nearby properties and the residents occupying them.
We therefore fully agree with the current actions of the local planning authority in obtaining and issuing initial stop notice.
Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council