Help Us, Help You

Published: 29 March 2022

This week the NHS are continuing to support the Help Us, Help You - NHS Wales Spring campaign by reminding people that small lifestyle changes can help improve wellbeing – and simple things, like doing things that you love to get more active, whether it’s dancing, more dog walks, exploring local woodlands, or trying a new activity altogether can have huge positive effects on how you feel physically and mentally.

Please find a new static image (in Welsh and English) attached and an animation available in this link with some suggested copy below for use on social media.

Gall ymarfer corff rheolaidd wella’ch iechyd corfforol a rhoi hwb i’ch lles meddyliol hefydπŸ’š

Dyna pam rydyn ni’n cefnogi ymgyrch #HelpuNiHelpuChi i annog pawb i gadw’n heini a gwneud rhywbeth maen nhw’n ei garu er budd eu hiechyd meddwl 🚢🚴🧘 πŸ‘‡

Regular exercise improves your physical health and can also boost your mental wellbeingπŸ’š

That’s why we’re supporting the #HelpUsHelpYou campaign to encourage everyone to do something you love and get active to help protect your mental wellbeing 🚢🚴🧘 πŸ‘‡