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Town Mayor, Councillor Glyn Morvan has had an affinity with the areas of Nantyglo and Blaina for over 42 years.  He joined Gwent Police in 1974 and this was an area in which he worked for many years.  Councillor Morvan always emphasises that it is a pleasure to work and serve this community.  Councillor Morvan feels that he is in a fortunate position and promises to work hard to build the profile of Nantyglo and Blaina and do his best to serve the community.  

Councillor Morvan has chosen Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services for this year’s Mayoral Appeal. Councillor Morvan has had professional involvement with this service over the years and believes in supporting a local charitable organisation. Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services works with victims and offenders to break the cycle of abuse. They work with men and women in the Blaenau Gwent area.

January 2019

Happy new year to everyone in Nantyglo and Blaina!

This month has seen the beginning of the arrangements for the Achievement and Recognition in the Community (ARC) Awards 2019. If you know anyone who you think deserves to be recognised for their contribution to the communities of Nantyglo and Blaina, then I urge you to look at the categories and download a nomination form which can be found here. We are very excited at the Town Council to recognise the achievements of those in our community.

This month has also seen the unveiling of the Jack Williams Gateway Bridge, the new bridge on the A465. CSM John Henry Williams, VC served with the 10th Battalion, South Wales Borderers, and is still the most decorated Welsh non-commissioned officer of all time. He was awarded the Victoria Cross at Villers Outreaux, Northern France, in October 1918 after he stormed a machine gun post, captured 15 enemy soldiers and secured the position for his regiment. The bridge was unveiled on the 21st January 2019 and I would like to thank Councillor Ken Jones, Deputy Town Mayor for attending on my behalf.


December 2018

Well this month has certainly been a whirlwind of events and excitement as we lead up to the Christmas period. At the beginning of December, two fun night events were held in Nantyglo and Blaina respectively.

Nantyglo was our first night, held at the Rugby Club followed by Blaina which took place in the Community Centre the following week. Both events were successful, and I would like to thank those who helped on the night and with its arrangements. I would particularly like to thank the Academy of Vocal Arts and Blaina Brass Band for providing entertainment and to the stall holders made up of local charities including the League of Friends (Ysbyty Aneurin Bevan) and Coed Cae Interact Club.

These nights were preceded with Santa and his little helpers touring both Nantyglo and Blaina on the respective nights. Therefore, I would like to give thanks to Councillor Wayne Hodgins and Councillor John Morgan with their assistance with Santa’s sleigh and to all the walkers who accompanied Santa on his sleigh.

The Town Council has recently gifted the instruments back to Blaina Band. The instruments have been with the Town Council for safe-keeping, ensuring the security of the future of the band. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, so in my place, Councillor D Hillman presented Mr Colin Jones, Bandleader with the official Deed of Gift at the annual Blaina Band Christmas Concert which was held at Blaina Heritage Centre on 17th December 2018. I would like to thank Councillor Hillman for officiating this role in my absence.

So, with the Christmas lighting ready in place throughout the town and several events to get everyone excited and filled with Christmas spirit, I would like to wish everyone in Nantyglo and Blaina both a happy Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.


 November 2018

November has yet again been a busy month. This year’s Armistice parade has been very poignant as Nantyglo and Blaina celebrated the centenary commemoration that marks the end of the First World War. I was humbled to see so many people in attendance. I would like to commend the children who read at the service, they performed excellently and represented their schools and the town with honour.

Also, this month I attended an evening with the Lord Lieutenant, Brigadier Robert Aitken, CBE. This was an insightful event, with the Lord Lieutenant giving an overview of his duties. He informed all in attendance that there are 27 Deputy Lord Lieutenants.

At the end of November, Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council have held four Carol Concerts with the local schools: Blaen-y-Cwm Primary School, Coed-y-Garn Primary School, Ysgol Bro Helyg, Ystruth Primary School. The concerts were held at Wesley Church, Nantyglo and Gladstone Street Church, Blaina. Reverend Watson led the service for both and I would like to thank Reverend Watson for his continued support and his kind generosity allowing for collections for the Mayoral Appeal 2018/19. The performances by all school were of a high standard and a special visitor came at the end of the concerts to greet all children who took part.

I am proud to see such talents in our midst, but don’t just take my word for it, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Susan Gwyer-Roberts who was in attendance for two of the concerts told me that she was very impressed with the schools’ performances.

Needless to say, these concerts mark the beginning of the Town Council’s Christmas celebrations and we look forward to a busy period, hosting events in both Nantyglo and Blaina.


 October 2018

Sadly this month, I have had to say goodbye to a dear colleague and friend, Flight Lieutenant Jerry English with whom I served at the ATC squadron in Blaina.  Flight Lieutenant Jerry English was undoubtedly a great support to Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council, and speaking at his funeral, I took the time to mention the high regard which Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council held for him and sent condolences to his family on behalf of the Town Council.

This month has also seen Civic Sunday, this was very successful and I thank everyone who attended this event including the High Sheriff of Gwent and the Deputy Lord Lieutenant who notified me that this was her first engagement in this role. The Deputy Lord Lieutenant informed me that she had thoroughly enjoyed her first appointment and has also mentioned that she’s intending to march with the Town Council on Armistice Day.

I took the opportunity to hold a raffle during Civic Sunday to raise money for my Mayoral Appeal, Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services. £100 was raised bringing the current total to £389.50. Thank you to all who bought a ticket and contributed to such a good cause.


August 2018/September 2018

August was of course the recess and as such my activities were relatively quiet, but September has seen a busy start.  I spent a day at Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services which is also my Mayoral Appeal for 2018/19.  I found this to be an extremely interesting day and was given permission to sit in classes and hear the perspective of both victims and their children and the perspective of the perpetrators who were questioned why they acted in the way that they have.  I found that particularly thought provoking and have to commend the work performed at Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services.

Recently, I attended the Freedom of the Borough Parade in Brynmawr which celebrates the Royal Welsh's right to march through the borough.  This was followed by an event in Nantyglo, the unveiling of the VC Commemorative Stone in honour of CSM John Henry Williams, VC DCM MM.  This event was close to many, I'm sure, especially with Armistice Day around the corner and the centenary celebrations of the end of the First World War.  I was proud to see so many members of the public attending both events, even though the weather was a little on the damp side!

 Congratulations to Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council for organising such events in partnership with Brynmawr Town Council and Nantyglo and Blaina Town Council. 


July 2018

This month of course sees the 70th birthday of our beloved National Health Service. I attended the very well-organised 70th birthday celebrations at Tredegar Park. Congratulations to Tredegar Town Council and of course Town Mayor, Councillor Trollope for organising this event and the lead up towards such a significant milestone in celebration of the NHS.

This month, I have also attended a very successful concert held at Ystruth Primary School which took place in their newly refurbished gym. I was thoroughly entertained and have to say the standard of performance by pupils at the school was excellent. I felt proud to see children from all year groups execute the challenging theme of ‘Music through the Ages.’ A huge congratulations to all who took part and enjoy your very well-deserved summer holidays!

Abuse Services works with victims and offenders to break the cycle of abuse. They work with men and women in the Blaenau Gwent area.


June 2018

It has certainly been a busy first month in my role as Town Mayor. My personal highlight is the Primary Talent Showcase that took place earlier this month. I was extremely impressed with the depth of talent that our local primary schools had to display. I congratulate all those who participated and of course teachers, families and friends who helped our future generations to perform to such a high standard.

During this event, £125 was raised through a raffle and has been divided equally between my Mayoral Appeal for 2018/19, Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services and the PTA at Ysgol Bro Helyg. I would like to personally thank Ysgol Bro Helyg for being such excellent hosts and look forward to next year’s Primary Talent Showcase.

ation. Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services works with victims and offenders to break the cycle of abuse. They work with men and women in the Blaenau Gwent area.