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Payments to Members:
In accordance with Section 151 of the Local Government Measure 2011, Community & Town Councils must publish within their authority area the remuneration received by their members by 30th September following the end of the year to which the payments relates. This information should also be sent to the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales by the same date. Nil returns are also required. See Annex 4 of the Panel's report for more information.
Payments to Members 2015/16

Payments to Members 2016/17 

Payments to Members 2017/18 

Pay Policy 2016 

Financial Annual Returns:
These are the financial accounts in the Annual Return format as required by the External Auditor.
Audit Report 2012/13:
The external auditor's report stated that 'on the basis of our review, in our opinion, the information contained in the Annual Return is in accordance with proper practices and no matters have come to our attention giving cause for concern that relevant legislation and regulatory requirements have not been met.'

Mazars LLP, Poole, BH17 0NP
dated 19th September 2017

 Financial Year Ended 31st March 2014

Financial Year Ended 31st March 2015 

Financial Year Ended 31st March 2016 

Financial Year Ended 31st March 2017

 Financial Year Ended 31st March 2018