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Declaration of Interest

 Date Meeting Member Interest Declared
 11/03/2019 Finance and General PurposesCllr D Hillman  Item 9e
 11/03/2019 Finance and General Purposes Cllr C Hillman Item 9e
11/03/2019 Finance and General Purposes Cllr L Harris Item 9e
 30/04/2019 Full Council  Cllr R Abbas Item 8a 
 13/05/2019Finance and General Purposes Cllr T McKnight Item 3a
 10/05/2019Highways and Planning Cllr D Hillman Item 4a
 25/06/2019Full Council Cllr D Hillman Item 3
 25/06/2019Full Council Cllr K Jenkins Item 3
 24/07/2019Events Committee  Cllr D HillmanItem 3a 
 24/07/2019Events Committee Cllr C Hillman Item 3a
 24/07/2019Events Committee Cllr K Jenkins Item 3a
 24/07/2019Full Council Miss H Roberts Item 8
 24/09/2019Full Council  Cllr G Morvan Item 11b
 14/10/2019Finance and General Purposes  Cllr D HillmanItem 4 
 14/10/2019 Finance and General Purposes Cllr C Hillman Item 4
 11/11/2019 Finance and General PurposesMiss H Roberts Item 6 
 26/06/16 Full Council Cllr P Baldwin Items 7a-7e Planning Applications
12/09/16 Finance Miss C Coles Item 5
 25/10/16 Full Council Cllr A Banks Item 6f Offroading vehicles
 14/11/16 Planning Cllr A Banks Item 4 Offroading vehicles
 12/12/16 ExtraOrdinary Cllr P Baldwin

 Items 1 & 2 - BGCBC 

 24/01/17 Full Council Mrs T Hughes Items 16i & 18a
 20/03/17 Events Cllr R Pagett Item 1b
 25/04/17 Full Council Cllr A Banks Item 5h
 25/04/17 Full Council Cllr G Petrie Item 11e
 12/06/17 Finance Cllr G Petrie Item 8g
 10/7/17 Finance Cllr C Bridgeman Item 3
 09/10/17 Planning Cllr D Hillman Item 3a
 09/10/17 Finance Cllr Morvan Item 3a
 24/10/17 Full Council Cllr M James Item 8
 24/10/17 Full Council Cllr D Hillman Item 8
 23/01/18 Full Council Mrs T Hughes Item 11
 12/02/18 Finance Miss H Roberts Item 8b
 27/02/18 Full Council Mrs T Hughes Item 13a
 27/02/18 Full Council Miss H Roberts Item 13a
 24/04/18Full Council  Cllr A Banks Item 13iii
 14/05/18 Planning Cllr K Treharne Item 3c
 14/05/18Finance  Mrs T Hughes Item 9b
 14/05/18 Finance Miss H Roberts Item 9b
 26/06/18Full Council Cllr D Hillman Item 12e
 09/07/18Finance  Cllr G Morvan  Item 4
 03/09/18Events  Cllr D Hillman Item 3a 
03/09/18  EventsCllr C Hillman  Item 3a
 10/09/18 Finance Cllr D Hillman Item 5
 10/09/18 Finance Cllr C Hillman Item 5
 25/09/18Full Council  Cllr D Hillman Item 13 
 25/09/18Full Council Cllr C Hillman Item 13
 25/09/18Full Council  Cllr R Pagett Item 13
 25/09/18Full Council  Cllr K Jones Item 13
 12/11/18 Highways and Planning Cllr S Smith Item 4a
27/11/18Full Council Cllr D Hillman Item 10a 
 27/11/18 Full Council Cllr C HillmanItem 10a