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Welcome to Nantyglo and Blaina

Nestling in the upper reaches of the Ebbw Fach Valley lies the town of Nantyglo and Blaina.

As the name suggests the town is made up of two separate communities, similar in infrastructure, history and way of life but passionately independent in the retention of their own identity.

The transformation of Nantyglo and Blaina from an idyllic hill farming valley of much beauty, into an area of industrial development took place during the late 1700’s and continued through the 1800’s until the closure of the last coal mine “Beynons Colliery” during 1975. 

Various land reclamation schemes and environmental programmes have since taken place which again transformed the valley into an environmentally friendly locality which benefits from new housing developments  at Lakeside, Nantyglo and at Tanglewood on the eastern slope of the valley above Blaina. 

The town also benefits from the Lakeside Retail Park which because of its close proximity to the residential areas of Nantyglo is virtually a new town centre.

In order to help maintain Nantyglo & Blaina, volunteers from the Town Council undertake litter picks & weed clearance on a regular basis. The latest area to benefit from such activity is the War Memorial at Central Park, Blaina. Town Councillor Bob Pagett still continues to plant up and maintain the plants on the roundabout at the northern end of Blaina.

 Salem Chapel, High Street,                                                       Blaina (Chartist Information Centre)

Owing to essential repairs, Salem Chapel will be closed until further notice.
For further information please contact the Town Council.
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Proposed Re-location of Town Council Offices  to Blaina Institute                        
The Town Council are pleased to support Blaina Community Institute Ltd with their Community Asset Transfer of Blaina Institute from Blaenau Gwent CBC for community use. 
It is anticipated that the Town Council will relocate to Blaina Institute during June 2017.