We want democracy in Wales to work for everyone, we need more people to engage in the process.

Published: 26 March 2021


Views, we’ve all got them. But are we all having our voices heard?

We want democracy in Wales to work for everyone, we need more people to engage in the process. To put their views to good use by voting, contacting a representative, or starting or signing a petition.

To encourage more people to get involved in democracy in Wales, the Welsh Government has launched an integrated communications campaign. The campaign is targeting young people aged 16-17 and foreign nationals living in Wales, who will be able to vote in the Senedd elections for the first time this year, as well as those from lower-income backgrounds and a wider audience of people across Wales who may not know how they can take positive action to make a difference to the things they care about.

We will be directing people to a designated campaign landing page housed on the Welsh Government website gov.wales/use-your-views where we will encourage visitors to find out more about the different ways in which they can get involved in democracy.

We need your help to raise awareness of the campaign across your channels and networks, reaching out to people who are disengaged with democracy and don’t know how they can take positive action and have their voices heard.

We have developed a set of assets (including some website copy, a template e-bulletin, poster, social media posts and social media videos x2) which can easily be added to your website, included in a regular newsletter and used on your social media channels.


Tagging on social media

We’ve provided suggested social media copy in both Welsh and English to support the digital assets that have been created if you are happy to post directly from your channels. There are also resources in Chinese, Mandarin, Polish, Bengali and Urdu. We would also advise using #useyourviews / #dweuddyddweud where possible.

All paid content will be promoted from the Welsh Government social media channels so we would ask you to tag @WelshGovernment in any online posts.

Thank you in advance for your support.


Please click on link for Tool Kit /_UserFiles/Files/Democratic Renewal Toolkit Introduction - English.pdf