Armed Forces Wales Awards Application

Published: 12 June 2020

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1. It is currently impossible to say when the COVID19 situation will allow major social events like the Armed Forces in Wales Awards Gala Dinner to take place. While we can be confident that next year’s event will take place, we cannot be so sure about this year’s event. Nevertheless, to be able to stage it at all, it must be planned.

2. In the current situation, many people are making exceptional contributions, which deserve recognition. The aim of the Armed Forces in Wales Award Scheme is to recognise outstanding contributions by individuals or groups in support of Defence throughout Wales. It also serves to highlight the contribution of the Armed Forces to Welsh society. Nominations for the awards can now be submitted; if the event does not take place this year, all nominations received will automatically be carried forward for next year’s event.

3. This policy outlines the nature of the awards, the associated eligibility criteria, the identified sponsors, and the mechanism for nominating as well as outlining the scope of the awards ceremony.


4. Awards will be made to the nominee that has provided the most outstanding contribution to Defence in Wales within the following categories:

a. The Armed Forces in Wales Award: The individual or group who has provided the most outstanding contribution to the Armed Forces within Wales[1].

b. The Cadets Award / Youth Support Award: The Individual or group who has most contributed to the cadet or youth movements within Wales.

c. The Forces Sports Award: The individual or team that has contributed the most towards sport within the Armed Forces in Wales[2].

d. The Covenant Award: Presented to the individual or group that has had the most positive effect on the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant within Wales.

5. The Scheme recognises those who merit additional recognition above and beyond annual appraisal[3]. The awards are sponsored by public and private organisations and each category has:

a. A centrally held trophy engraved with the winner’s details;

b. An award for the winner’s retention; in the event of a group or team winning, one award for the whole group.


6. Any individual, whether military or civilian, who by their contribution directly or indirectly to Defence has made a substantial difference within a sphere recognised in an award category is eligible for an award. The Scheme is not an adjunct to the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS). Eligible individuals are likely to emerge from the following groups although other nominations would be considered on their merits:

a. Serving military personnel (Regular or Reserve);

b. MoD Civilians;

c. Civil Servants;

d. Dependants of Serving Personnel;

e. Civilians who by their actions support or influence Defence within Wales (including private, public, third sector and local or national government);

f. Individuals within non-military organisations who by their actions act to enhance the quality of Defence or welfare of the Armed Forces family. (Those aspects not encompassed by the scope of the ERS Award Scheme);

g. Cadets and Adult Volunteers.

7. Nominations must clearly show a significant difference made within an award category and how that activity may be linked to the Armed Forces and Wales.


8. The award may recognise an outstanding act of merit or a sustained level of service well above that generally expected. Such acts could include, but are not confined to:

a. An act that furthers the interests, reputation or credit of the relevant aspect of the Armed Forces or the development of the Covenant. This could include personal commitment and selfless dedication to a unit or organisation despite difficult, financially austere or short staffing circumstances.

b. An act that delivers immediate and significant improvements to the effectiveness of the relevant element.

c. The demonstration of skills or achievements above and beyond the normal call of duty.

d. An act in the interest of the Service, conducted in a manner worthy of recognition but not meriting the award of a higher commendation.

e. An act which may not immediately have a direct effect on the development of relationships between wider society and Defence, but which may have secondary or tertiary impact within an award category.


9. The procedure for processing nominations is:

a. Recommendations are initiated, using the form at Annex A, by any individual, group or organisation and submitted to SO2 MCI, 160 (Welsh) Bde and HQ Wales[4] by 9 Sep 20; individuals may not nominate themselves. Nominations must be submitted by email to Nominations sent to other email addresses may be missed and not processed.

b. All nominations received will be screened to validate the evidence they contain. They will then be assessed by a panel comprising at least four of the following:

(1) Naval Regional Commander Wales and Western England.

(2) Commander 160 (Welsh) Bde and HQ Wales.

(3) Air Officer Wales.

(4) Deputy Commander 160 (Welsh) Bde & HQ Wales.

(5) Chief Executive Reserve Forces and Cadets Association.

(6) Regional Employer Engagement Director.

(7) Chair of the Regional Employer Engagement Group.

(8) A representative from a Service Charity.

(9) A representative from an independent organisation not involved in the awards process.

c. The panel will select a shortlist of the best three nominees in each category.

d. The judging panel will sit W/C 21 Sept 20. A short-list of candidates for each award will be drawn up and individuals will be advised that they have been filtered to a final group. Individuals that submitted unsuccessful nominations will be notified to that effect.

e. Details of the shortlisted finalists will be made public as soon as they have been notified. The identity of the winner within each award will remain undisclosed until announced during the ceremony.


10. There will be one Award Ceremony each year in Wales, which will be aligned to the presentation of the Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Awards and will usually take place in late November. The precise date and venue will be notified well in advance.

11. The Awards Ceremony will be coordinated by 160 (Welsh) Bde and RFCA with support from RN and RAF staff as required.

12. The short-listed nominees will be invited to the Awards Ceremony and will be entitled to invite one further guest. Additional guests may be invited by nominees but will be subject to a cost to the individual and availability.


A. Recommendation for The Armed Forces in Wales Award.



Annex A To


Dated 1 May 2020


A. Details of Nominee

Select below category for consideration:

Which Award are you Citing the Individual or group for? (delete/highlight as appropriate)

Armed Forces in Wales Award

Cadets / Youth Award

Forces Sports Award

The Covenant Award

Service No:

Rank / Title:


Surname: Forename:


Full Address:


Mobile/Landline Number:

Citation (no more than 400 words):

Additional supporting documentation attached: Y / N

B. Important Information Originator’s Details







Contact No:


Email Address:






[1] Ranging across the three outputs of defence: Standing and Contingency Operations (including training); Defence Engagement and UK Resilience and the Firm Base.

[2] Either by the promotion and organisation of sport or by outstanding personal performance including the achievement of Service or international honours.

[3] Nominations may be in parallel with State honours and awards and lower honours such as MSM – they are not mutually exclusive.